Urška Jerenec, 38 years old, mother of three children, works as a florist
I am 38 years old, mother of three children, working as a florist. Still I have a strong desire for a change! With VitaLeaf products I lost 14.5 kg in two months. Now I have much more energy, self-esteem and most importantly I feel amazing... I can't imagine my life without VitaLeaf products.

Lučka Galunič, 54 years, a commercial manager

I am 54 years old, a commercial manager who lost 3 kg in one month, 12 cm over the waist, 6cm in the hips, have a lot more energy and started walking in the mountains (that was my wish for a long time), gums are no longer bleeding, not tired, and significantly improved my memory. Also don't need rest after lunch, eat less candy (no sweets cravings)...

I prepare most shakes with still water ... I also add some fruit, cinnamon, sometimes to achieve a more satisfying taste, also a tablespoon of chia seeds or some flakes ... This produces a rich taste when homemade apples and cinnamon are added...

Regarding NRC - it works great, if you are sleeping very little due obligations - eg. 3h – It produces high quality sleep and no tiredness during the day - tested working ...

Friend's dog lost all of its hair.. veterinary science does not know the reason, and despite the medicine has been no progress ... I advised her to give her dog 2x1 algae - LTE for three weeks and the dog began to grow hair ... amazing!

Wish to say: if you are ready to learn throughout life, give yourself a chance to make a change. :)

Darja Furek
Irreplaceable for lighter workouts like yoga. Nourishes, but doesn't weigh you down. Quite a few years I was looking for a product like this. Shortly after the training I feel hunger, cravings and the number of exercise sessions per week exhaust me. MRC successfully replaced part of the lost nutrients so I could feel fit and nourished without gasping for sweets. My old cat - Stella had an epileptic seizure and a stroke, after which the rear part of her body remained half paralyzed. She was in very poor condition, also lost weight. Then she used the usual treatment against epileptic seizures, but also tried our product NRC. Every night she had to take one quarter of one capsule before bedtime. The situation has started to improve after one week. Cat is on her feet again and gained a few pounds. She now is jogging in a relaxed, contented and calm way. Her hair is more beautiful and denser, she strolls around the house again as a young woman :)

Jana Ponikvar
After one month, I see. personally algae - LTE is very helpful for me... I feel more energetic, I do not need afternoon naps with the baby anymore, I have enough power for 4 children and less cellulite. But it has help only after I took one capsule :) I noticed that my gums do not bleed. Excellent I am satisfied... :)


How to Avoid Weight Gain While Travelling

Flying on a plane for long periods of time can create muscular tightness, stress postural problems that can last long after you get off the flight. In-flight inactivity can also cause more dangerous problems. Many of these problems can be avoided by staying active while up in the air.

Travelling, especially on an airplane, will take a toll on your skin. But in just a few simple steps, you can arrive at your final destination with a fabulous and refreshed complexion.

I am so fortunate that I have a job that allows me to travel around the world. I get to spend a lot of time on airplanes and I love it. But, there is a downside, and for those of you who travel, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about… when you fly your skin becomes lifeless and dull.

After the detox is completed, you may feel “lighter” and have more energy.

How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

With the right mindset you can feel gorgeous, even on your worst of days.

We’ve all had those days where we’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, went to look in the mirror, and just wanted to hide from the world. Even though we probably look the same as every other day, we just don’t feel beautiful. And that feeling can really cloud our confidence. Something just seems off. It’s not as if anything drastic happened to our looks overnight. Nothing happened. This just goes to show that feeling beautiful is a state of mind. Here are a few ways to get into the mindset of feeling gorgeous, even on the worst days!

Another key product in the WMP 1 combination is VitaLeaf MRS-1, a convenient and effective way to exercise portion control, an essential component of a successful weight management program. This pack contains 14 single servings of your favourite VitaLeaf MRS-1 flavour, perfect for busy people on the go. Keep packets in your car, office desk, luggage or gym bag...

Dull Skin? Learn How to Make it Radiant

If your skin is looking dull, there’s no need to stress. Rejuvenate it! Do you ever look in the mirror and notice that you’re not looking your best?

How Good Nutrition Supports Your Immune System

When you stop and think about how hard your immune system works for you, you can be nothing but amazed. It’s an incredibly complexed system that works nonstop to protect and defend you – and it’s a system that depends on good nutrition in order to function properly.

Our great tasting MRS-1 is made out of the best quality ingredients, that are proven to stop hunger for up to 4 hours in one delicious low-calorie serving. With a unique blend of Triple protein, fiber, Aloxyl-7.4™ and our powerful hunger-blockers, VitaLeaf MRS-1 will be an effective way to increase your feeling of being full and satiety. In addition to feeling more satisfied between meals, you’ll get daily nourishment with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has less than 100 Calories per serving...

Tips to Help You Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep "N" Beauty! Do you skimp on sleep? We all know how important good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle are for our health and our appearance. But do you know how crucial a good night’s sleep is?

They call it “Beauty Sleep” for a reason and that phrase is for me a guilt free excuse to sleep in and catch as many Zzzzz’s as possible. But sometimes it just isn’t that easy.

NRC will help you release stress, reduce the levels of cortisol hormone and sleep better by contributing to a healthy immune system. It will also balance your appetite by helping to regulate levels of the hormones which play a role in our feelings of hunger and fullness. So when you’re sleep deprived, you may feel the need to eat more, which can lead to weight gain … Natural herbal extracts are combined with Aloxyl-7.4™ for nutritional support of sleep, anxiety and reduction of cortisol (stress hormone), ensuring the optimal synergy and effectiveness.